About Us

Our aims are to

  • Ensure we meet our client’s needs promptly and efficiently
  • Always maintain a professional image
  • Provide excellent service and staff
  • Ensure value for money
  • Care about our clients/customers
  • Maintain an excellent working relation with other businesses and suppliers

In the beginning…

Aries EVC Services was created by a group of professional people who became increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with:

  • Attending ill organised events
  • Poor business practices
  • Lack of legislative knowledge

and thinking ‘we can do this better’.

We started by volunteering our services and expertise for family and friends, and was amazed by the positive feedback and outcomes received and achieved. We were encouraged by this so decided to host a series of events and training opportunities, which also went beyond our wildest expectations and brought on the birth of Aries EVC Services.

We decided this was worth pursuing as a business venture and acknowledge the beginning of this exciting journey. We look forward to the hoops, swings and roundabouts we will encounter to bring you the ARIES EVC experience.

The journey continues….

Meet Our Team



Executive Lead for Events Management

Renee started working in the events industry from an early age and has built up a good reputation with clients in her approach to ensuring that their needs are met.

She brings flair, creativity, inspiration, thinks outside the box, has great time management and organisational skills, which are all key requirements for events management.

Renee has successfully delivered a number of intimate and large events including weddings, conferences, parties and launches, which most recently included a ‘Pop up Shop’.

Renee is passionate about her work and relishes the opportunities to ensure that every event is unique.



Executive Lead for VPA Services

Eky is a highly experienced, dedicated and people orientated administrator and community development worker who has worked primarily in the voluntary sector.

She has successful set up and been involved in the project management of a number of community enterprises, Not for profit companies and SME’s in keeping their businesses sustainable.

Her community development work has enhanced her skills to be an effective lead to support individuals and families with their lifestyle support. She’s an organiser, pays attention to detail, an effective networker and loves meeting people. She is your go to person if ever you need anything.



Executive Lead for Management Consultancy Services

Hilda has worked primarily in the public sector in senior management positions and has a wealth of experience in the field of Equality, Diversity and Human Resources.

She gained funding for the development of a regional website for new comers, developed and implemented Positive Action Toolkit to improve workforce representation. She designed and delivered a range of change management programmes and training solutions that supported various organisations values and objectives.

If you want someone who can work with your organisation to resolve equality, diversity and human resource issues, with practical and sensible solutions and is passionate then contact Hilda